The child is truly a miraculous being and this should be felt deeply by the educator.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

montessori education


Modern Montessori Charter School is grounded on the research-based Montessori model of instruction. This method has been in practice since 1907 and has continually shown great success among students. It is designed to lead children to ask questions, think for themselves, explore, investigate, and become eager, self-directed learners. Using a carefully prepared environment, teachers are guides utilizing self-correcting, hands-on learning materials and purposeful activities that allow children to learn at their own pace through discovery. This type of meaningful work in an orderly environment fosters concentration, encourages responsibility, independence and confidence, and results in children who love to learn.

In the classroom, Montessori curriculum includes specific, purposeful materials called “works.” These materials are designed with a control of error, or way for the child to check his/her work, to give the child opportunity to master each skill at his/her own pace. The child is allowed to discover, explore, and master each lesson before moving onto the next work. This gives each student the ability to progress as needed and to spend extra time with each lesson as needed. The teacher observes the student, assisting when needed, and in this way is able to understand where each individual student is in his/her learning style and level for each subject.

Students will benefit from multiage classrooms where an environment based on respect is at its core. Students will become leaders when given the opportunity to be teachers themselves and assist younger students in the classroom. Younger students will build an intrinsic desire for learning when observing the more challenging work of their older peers.

Montessori education has traditionally been a low- or technology-free environment, but MMCS feels this is an important skill area in which our students need practice and instruction. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) integration will allow students to become proficient with current technology while enriching learning opportunities.

Montessori + STEM?

They’re just a good fit! Montessori education is well known for its hands-on, student-directed approach to learning. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) also encourages hands-on, active participation from students. Both Montessori and STEM encourage problem-solving, creative thinking, and learning through discovery, which results in children who love to learn!

Why not STEAM or STREAM?

STEAM adds the letter “A” to the STEM acronym, standing for the Arts. STREAM adds the letter “R” to the acronym standing for Reading. The Montessori curriculum is inclusive of all subject areas. Reading and the Arts are already an integral part of the traditional Montessori curriculum. Although Science and Mathematics are also part of the Montessori curriculum, many advances in these areas have been made since Maria Montessori’s days in the early 1900s. Technology and Engineering have significantly changed since the creation of the Montessori method. Therefore, STEM is the perfect complement to the Montessori curriculum.

What does this look like?


“Fostering technology literacy, not dependency.”

In many ways, parts of our day will look no different than a traditional Montessori school. Modern Montessori Charter School’s innovative technology is carefully—and sometimes invisibly—integrated. Today’s college and business environment rely on educational technology or “edtech” to inform, enlighten and educate and it’s our job to prepare our students. 

Modern Montessori looks like students learning how to use valuable technological devices without becoming dependent on them. MMCS students will leave our school equally comfortable navigating an old print encyclopedia as they are accessing information on the Internet. They will be proficient with basic computer skills, keyboarding and word processing. They will know how to operate a variety of technological devices and software programs. Children will receive lessons that encourage engineering, creative thinking and scientific reasoning. These technologies will be integrated seamlessly throughout the day.

See what kids think about STEM by watching this three-minute video clip.

*Please note this video was not filmed by Modern Montessori Charter School.

See Montessori in action

This short four-minute video gives a glimpse into the Montessori classroom.

*Please note this video was not filmed by Modern Montessori Charter School.